Some Handy Tips

Ants Problem

Ants hate cucumbers. 
Keep the skins of cucumbers near places frequented or ant holes.

To get pure and clean ice

Boil the water first before freezing. 

To  make the mirror shine
Clean with  Sprite 

To  remove chewing gum from clothes
Keep the cloth  in the freezer for an hour.

To whiten white clothes: 
Soak white clothes in hot water with 
slice of lemon for 10 minutes

To  give a shine to hair

Use one teaspoon of vinegar on hair, then wash hair. 

To  get maximum juice out of lemons

Soak lemons in hot water for one hour,
and then juice them.

To  avoid smell of cabbage while cooking

Keep a piece of bread on the cabbage 
in the vessel while cooking.

To rid the smell of fish from your hands
Wash your hands with a little apple vinegar. 

To  avoid tears while cutting onions: 
Chew gum. 

To  boil potatoes quickly

Skin one  potato from one side only before boiling. 

To  boil eggs quickly
Add salt to the water and boil. 

To  remove ink from clothes

Put regular white toothpaste on the ink spots generously and
 let it dry completely, then wash.

To skin sweet potatoes quickly

Soak in cold  water immediately after boiling. 

To get rid of mice or rats

Sprinkle black pepper in places where you find mice or rats. 
They will leave.